Working hours

We work from Tuesday to Saturday within 9:00 - 17:30.

Sunday and Monday are non-working days for us.

Screening schedule for May 24 and 25

9:30 АМ

Only on Saturday 


10:30 AM


From Earth to the Universe

11:15 AM

Only on Saturday 

Two small pieces of glass

1:30 PM


The Phantom of the Universe

2:15 PM

Only on Saturday 

From Earth to the Universe

3:00 PM

In English 

Phantom Of The Universe

5:00 PM


Two small pieces of glass - Amazing telescope




Important! Screenings are NOT suitable for children under 4 years of age. Individual reservations are NOT required, places are NOT reserved. Tickets are sold at the box office until the capacity of the hall is filled.

Ticket options

Star hall session

  • 4 BGN for children, students, seniors
  • 8 BGN for adults
  • 16 BGN in foreign language
  • Sessions are free for people with special needs or permanent disabilities. Take a look at the available shows in the star hall here >
For GROUP VISITS, make an inquiry here