Promotional activity

Promotional activity up to 2022

For the past 40 years of operation of the Smolyan Planetarium, it has established itself as the most popular attraction in the city and the leading one in the country. It is visited by almost 3 million students and citizens from the country, and tourists from abroad. Over 30,000 lecture-sessions have been held in the star hall and about 6,000 demonstration observations with telescopes - daytime of the Sun and evening of the night sky lights.

The work of the creative team of the Planetarium are more than 70 lectures on different topics: stories for the little ones, educational material related to school studies in astronomy, physics and other natural sciences, popular science and special for the general public. For foreigners, some of the programs are translated into 6 foreign languages: English, German, French, Russian, Greek and Turkish.

You will find an archive of the star performances realized in the Smolyan Planetarium from its creation until 2020 here >

In 2005, the Smolyan Planetarium was included in the list of the 100 National Tourist Sites under No. 83, which is an undeniable recognition and advantage for its popularity and attendance.

The planetarium is a member of the International Geographical Society and the International Organization of Planetariums. Since 1995, he has been the only member in Bulgaria of the world's largest non-governmental organization for space research "The Planetary Community", with headquarters in Pasadena, California. As such, the Smolyan Planetarium is on a microchip on the planet Mars, on the Stardust spacecraft that flew by comet Wild 2, on the Japanese Akatsuki spacecraft, and more.