Terms and conditions



MUNICIPAL CULTURAL EDUCATIONAL CENTER "PLANETARIUM WITH ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY" (Planetarium) - provider of educational and other services. The planetarium is part of the structure of the Municipality of Smolyan and its address is: the city of Smolyan, boulevard "Bulgaria" No. 20, website: www.planetarium-sm.org, e-mail address: office@planetarium.org, telephone: 0301/83074.
"User", "customer" or "visitor" - any person who has purchased or wishes to purchase a product or service offered by the Planetarium.
"Service" - an activity offered by the Planetarium against payment of a certain price (entrance pass, school group visit, hall rental, etc.).
"Entrance Pass" - a unique paper document that entitles a visitor to enter the Planetarium.
"School group" - students from the first to twelfth grades or children from the preparatory group for the first grade, led by teachers and/or educators.
"Visit of a school group" - a complex service that includes a thematic educational program or presentation of interactive installations.
"Child" - any natural person up to the age of 18;
"Student" - a natural person who is studying at a higher education institution to acquire a bachelor's or master's degree and has not reached the age of 26;
"Pensioner" - an individual who receives a pension;
"Person with a permanent disability" - a natural person who, as a result of an anatomical, physiological or mental disability, has a permanently reduced ability to perform activities in a manner and to an extent possible for a healthy person, and for whom the medical examination authorities have established a degree of reduced working capacity or have determined the type and degree of disability 50 and over 50 percent.


These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between the Planetarium and the customers and are binding on both parties.
By purchasing an access pass and/or submitting a service request, users agree to the General Terms and Conditions and undertake to comply with them.
When applying for group services (visits of school groups, etc.), the applicant is obliged to familiarize all children, their parents, their accompanying teachers and/or parents with the General Terms and Conditions, as well as to indicate the place where they can get acquainted with them.
By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, users enter into a contract with the Planetarium.
The Planetarium has the right to change the Program of Events previously announced on the website without incurring any penalties or compensation.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult, unless otherwise agreed.
One adult can accompany a maximum of five children under the age of 12.
At the discretion of the duty officer, the movement of visitors with babies and prams among the installations and exhibition exhibits may be temporarily restricted.
Companions are responsible for the safety and health of the children they accompany.
Visitors are required to follow the instructions on the signs and the directions of the employees.
Visitors are obliged to protect the exhibits and use the facilities/installations with due care.
The following is not allowed on the territory of the Planetarium:

  • the introduction and consumption of food and drinks in the area after the checkout. It is permissible to bring in water and baby food;
  • the use of "Fountain" type candles, fireworks and other pyrotechnics;
  • smoking by any means;
  • the importation of weapons and other dangerous means;
  • speaking loudly and any other actions that create inconvenience or danger to the health of other visitors;
  • running among the installations and climbing on the installations;
  • the disposal of waste outside the designated places;
  • admission of intoxicated persons;
  • the admission of persons carrying bulky objects;
  • entering service and technical premises.

Visitors are responsible for the safekeeping of their belongings. The planetarium is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items left unattended.
Items found on the territory of the Center can be stored for up to one month.
Visitors who do not comply with the General Visiting Rules will be asked to leave the Planetarium. In this case, the Planetarium does not owe a refund of the price paid for the relevant service, nor any other benefits.
In case of damage to the property of the Planetarium, including the exhibits, facilities and installations, the visitor is obliged to reimburse in full the costs of the repair and/or restoration of the property.



To visit the Planetarium, the visitor must pay an entrance fee, for which he is issued an entrance pass and receipt.
The prices of the entrance passes are announced in a prominent place at the box office in the Planetarium and are published on the website.
The entry pass is only valid for the date on which it is issued.
The entry pass can only be valid for a fixed period of time during the day, and visitors will be notified of this limitation.

An already issued entrance pass cannot be revalidated for a visit on another date, cannot be transferred to another category of visitor, cannot be returned to its BGN equivalent, cannot be exchanged for other services or goods, except in the cases provided for in the General Terms and Conditions.
Visitors are required to keep the entrance passes and receipts from their issue until the end of their visit to the Planetarium.
The Planetarium is not responsible for stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged admission passes and has no obligation to reissue them or refund the amount paid for them.
Planetarium staff have the right to deny or terminate access to a person who, upon verification, fails to provide an entry pass, provides a tampered entry pass or a discounted entry pass to which they are not entitled.
When access to the halls is prevented for technical reasons, the visitor can choose to have the entrance fee paid refunded or the entrance pass revalidated for a visit on another day. In both cases, the visitor must provide the cashier with the entry pass and receipt. The planetarium does not owe compensation, including for transportation costs, accommodation costs, for food and drinks, etc.

The planetarium sets different prices for admission passes for different categories of persons, for certain days or hours of visits or under other criteria.
The planetarium offers the following discounts on admission pass prices:

  • discount for students – the discount applies to all students up to the age of 26 upon presentation of a valid ISIC card or other document certifying this quality;
  • reduction for pensioners – the reduction applies to all persons who are pensioners;
  • reduction for persons with permanent disabilities – entrance ticket price BGN 0.00. The reduction applies to all persons with permanent disabilities within the meaning of § 1, item 2 of the Additional Provisions of the Act on the Integration of Persons with Disabilities and certify this with a document;
  • reduction for persons with permanent disabilities who travel with a wheelchair or have the right to a companion - price of the entrance pass BGN 0.00 for both the person with permanent disabilities and for the companion upon presentation of a certifying document. The attendant must care for and assist the accompanied person;
  • discount for teachers and tour operators accompanying school or other groups – entrance ticket price BGN 0.00 for one of the teachers or tour operators accompanying a school or other group consisting of at least 10 persons;
  • reduction for teachers accompanying groups from kindergartens - price of entrance pass BGN 0.00 for one of the teachers accompanying a group consisting of at least 5 children;
  • combined passes for both halls - the price of the entrance pass for children is BGN 5 and for adults BGN 10 and includes a performance in the star hall and a visit to the visitor center.

Discounts for persons with permanent disabilities also apply to children who are part of an organized visit for school groups.
Discounts cannot be combined.
The visitor pays the difference due when they provide a discount entry pass and cannot prove the right to use the discount.



School groups must be accompanied by at least one teacher.
One teacher can accompany a maximum of ten students (from 1st to 8th grade).
One teacher/educator can accompany a maximum of five children from a preparatory group for first grade.
Parents may accompany school groups only together with a teacher/s.
School groups accompanied only by parents are not allowed.
The planetarium carries out an "organized school group visit", which includes thematic educational programs, which are developed in accordance with the educational material studied at school, in order to support and illustrate the learning process and are intended for students of primary and secondary stages of education,
To organize a school group visit, fill out an inquiry.
All fields in the inquiry that are mandatory are marked with an asterisk (*).
An inquiry will not be processed if the fields marked as mandatory are not filled in and/or there is no check mark "YES" in the fields "I am familiar with and accept the general conditions for using the services provided by the Planetarium and "I am familiar with and accept the Policy for protection of the personal data of Planetarium visitors.
A request to organize a group visit is sent to the email office@planetarium-sm.org or submitted in person at the Planetarium box office at least ten calendar days before the date of the planned visit.
By submitting the request, the applicant declares that he is familiar with and accepts the General Terms and Conditions and undertakes, if his request is satisfied, to familiarize the children included in the group and their parents with the General Terms and Conditions.

The planetarium responds in writing to the requester at the e-mail address indicated by him within five working days of receiving the request, and the response may be confirmation of fulfillment or refusal to fulfill the request.
Payment for the "organized school group visit" service can be made in advance by bank transfer or by cash/card at the Planetarium cash desk on the day of the visit.
The price of the "organized school group visit" service does not include transport, food, etc. additional services, beyond those described in item 7.
Changing a request for an organized visit of a school group is permissible up to seven calendar days before the visit.
The planetarium responds in writing to the requester at the e-mail address indicated by him within 1 working day of receiving the changed request whether the requested changes can be made.



The provisions of the Bulgarian legislation shall apply to matters not settled in the General Terms and Conditions.
Complaints about the services provided are accepted at the cash desk and at the e-mail address of the Planetarium.
In the event that a dispute arises between the Planetarium and the users and the parties cannot reach an agreement, the dispute may be referred for resolution by the competent Bulgarian court in the city of Smolyan.
The contract language is Bulgarian and payments are made in Bulgarian levs.
The Planetarium has the right to change the General Terms and Conditions, with the changes coming into effect from the date of their announcement on the website and at the Planetarium's cash desk.
These General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Personal Data Protection Policy and the Cookies Policy define the entire agreement between users and the Planetarium and replace all previous terms and conditions as of the date of their publication on the company's website.