star shows

The Sun is slowly going down, stars begin shining, a beautiful comet is floating into the cosmic darkness, lonely meteor is crossing the sky. Fantastic journeys in time and space, to near planets and far galaxies take place, a soft voice reveals the mysteries of the universe. . .

Now the star shows are more than 50 - popular, educational, for children, musical, including in English, German, French, Greek, Russian and Turkish languages. They last about 45 min.

Star shows available in foreign languages

Space oddysey

The amazing world of planets, stars and galaxies. Constellations of the summer sky and over Antarctica, aurora borealis.
(in Bulgarian, English, German, French, Greek and Russian languages)

Voayage through space

Constellations of the winter sky and the constellations which can be seen on the equator. Walk among the planets of the Solar System.
(in Bulgarian and Turkish languages)


A jurney in the wonderfull world of stars. Types of stars and star formations. Birth, life and death of stars. Evolution of the Sun.
(in Bulgarian and Englis)